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Vietnamese Enterprises-Malaysia seeks investment cooperation opportunities

Vietnam – ASEAN Investment Promotion Conference takes place in the capital Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on 27/9 opening new opportunities for small and medium enterprises in Vietnam-Malaysia looking for business cooperation partners.

The meeting attracted the attendance of representatives near 40 small and medium enterprises of Vietnam with dozens of COMPANIES in Malaysia have shared interests seeking cooperation opportunities, business investment. The conference takes place in the context of strategic partnerships that continue to be strengthened, the cooperation between the two countries continues to thrive in many areas, especially economically. Malaysia is currently one of the 10 largest investment countries in Vietnam.

Embassy of Vietnam in Malaysia, Mr. Le Quy Quynh said to celebrate the two-country business representatives

Welcome representative of Enterprises attending the Conference, Ambassador of Vietnam in Malaysia, Mr. Le Quy Quynh excited to know the trade quota between the two countries projected last year has reached nearly 14 billion USD.

Vietnam-Malaysia representative in Conference

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Le Co., former deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, is now chairman of the Vietnam-ASEAN Friendship and Cooperation Association, emphasized: success in recent economic cooperation as affirmation of the role and contributions of the two countries, not just corporations , big companies that are both small and medium ENTERPRISES of Malaysia and Vietnam.

Vietnam-Malaysia Enterprises participated in investment promotion Conference

Mr. Le Co. also expressed hope that the COMPANIES will make good use of this opportunity to gather more information, expand business relationships, find suitable partners, seize the best investment opportunities. "With today's forum, we also hope to continue to contribute to the development of economic cooperation and exchange of the two countries who are developing and have the attention of senior leaders of Vietnam-Malaysia," said Le Phung Manh emphasized.

Attending the event, representative of Malaysia-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce introduced to Vietnamese ENTERPRISES on the model of technology application, experience of developing the successful market of DN Malaysia in the context of 4.0. Mr. Pham Quoc Anh, counselor in Vietnam Trade in Malaysia also provide two countries with the opportunity, preferential investment policy in Malaysia in the new context and experience in cooperation with ENTERPRISES in Malaysia.

Also within the framework of the event, the two-country representatives have conducted exchanges and discussions to introduce the field of operation, the need for business cooperation accordingly; At the same time, the signing ceremony of trade cooperation between ENTERPRISES…

Also within the framework of the Investment Promotion Conference program, earlier on 25/9 took place the meeting event, dialogue between the Singapore production Federation and represented nearly 40 Vietnamese karma with many concrete results, practical right at the event.

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