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Inviting Vietnamese people to "start a business" in Singapore

Many of Singapore business owners and representatives of the country's production federation have voiced, introduced, directed, and exchanged to encourage Vietnamese enterprises to "start-up" at the Lion Island.

President of the Singapore Federation of Production, Mr. Douglas Foo Speaking at dialogue

Meeting, dialogue between the Singapore Production Federation and the representative of nearly 40 Vietnamese karma takes place 25/9 at the Lion Island nation to obtain more specific, practical results.

In particular, as soon as the end of the ceremony, the statements, each representative of the Singapore business is actively seeking to meet and exchange information directly at the event with the partner of Vietnam with the same industry, the same goals of interest. Many projects, collaborative plans, joint ventures, business links are "gestational" right at the dialogue from the field of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, to real estate, iron and steel…

Previously, president of Singapore Production Federation, Mr. Doughlas Foo said that Singapore has always created favorable conditions for Vietnam enterprises to cooperate in the development of business investment. Currently, the trade turnover between the two countries has reached over $15 billion, Singapore is also the leading investor of ASEAN in Vietnam… According to Mr. Douglas Foo, this conversation meeting is an opportunity to continue to promote, building the relationships between the two countries DN to bring together results, new achievements, including the encouragement of Vietnam business investment in Singapore.

Mr. Le co-Phung, Nguyen the Minister of Foreign Affairs, is now chairman of Vietnam Friendship and Cooperation Association – ASEAN speech at dialogue

Speaking at dialogue, Le Co Phung, former deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of Friendship and Cooperation Association of Vietnam-ASEAN, expressed the desire of Siangpore to continue to promote the consultation, support and cooperation with Vietnamese entrepreneurs in the way of operating, developing enterprises as what has occurred in the past.

For his part, representatives of the Federation have directly introduced, guiding Vietnamese enterprises How to establish enterprises, operate the company in Singapore so that the law, save the cost and achieve the best interests…

Many wildly DN Viet participated in the dialogue expressed surprise in the way of work in good faith, all information, the cooperation plan is the leader of Singapore DN of concrete right at the meeting even starting from very small things. For example, in front of direct call at dialogue, some representatives of Vietnamese ENTERPRISES have registered to participate in the transformation exhibition from the date of 22-24/10 in Singapore…

The above event is in the Vietnam-ASEAN Investment Promotion Conference Series topic "ASEAN Economy-the Corporate Spirit 4.0" by the Vietnam-ASEAN Friendship and Cooperation Association, coordinated by Vietnam Embassy in Singapore, Malaysia, Singapore Manufacturing Federation, Malaysia Chamber of Commerce Vietnam, Vietnam Association of Companies in Malaysia and Vietnam trade promotion Joint stock company & Events organization.

* Representatives of Singapore and Vietnam Enterprises communicate directly and specifically the business investment cooperation programs at the dialogue:

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